19 February 2010



ATOMICDEATH "Missile Massacre" cassette EP (Black Konflik Records)

I’ve noticed that the tape has somewhat come back here and there to replace the CD-R that once took its place, especially when it comes to the more metal oriented underground bands. In countries like Malaysia and Singapore however it never really went away, something I (apart from all the good music) have always liked about those countries. I could debate the pros and cons of CDs vs. tapes I guess, but there’s no denying that a pro-printed tape looks and feels cooler than a pro-printed CD-R that still looks and feels very much like a home made CD. I’ve got nothing against them really, but I like the tape as a product better.

Malaysian Atomicdeath have put together this four-track tape EP and its content land somewhere in crossover territory with some not-quite-as-fast Slayer-ish riffs, lots of pounding drum-action, and even a couple of gang vocal sections. Not an overtly obvious hardcore punk influence, but still present in its own way in the edgy riffs, and the sharp vocals who carry quite a lot of attitude in them. I guess Celtic Frost needs to be mentioned as an influence here as well.

My favourite track - who also holds all of the ingredients mentioned above - are “War ripping skull”, but the remaining three not far behind. Now, with a slightly harder and darker sound, and maybe some black metal dirt added, their next release should send shockwaves across the globe no doubt.

Krogh – February 14, 2010