The band started around October 2008 by Pattomizer and Kerrykaufmann after they figured out that they wanted to do something better in the metal/punk scene than talking bullshit or collecting stamp. The band started practicing after Remydeen and Faiz joined the band to destroy the lab. The current hellish line-up now is: REMYDEEN-SKINSRIPPER, FAIZ-VOKRUSHER/BASS, PATTOMIZER-ATOMIC 6 CRUSHER, KERRYKAUFMANN-6 MISSILE MASSACRE. After a few months of hardwork, practices in the studio, the band entered ISEEKMUSIC Studio to record some shit. A debut MISSILE MASSACRE e.p was released in late June 2009 by the most respected Malaysian punk label, BLACK KONFLIK RECORDS. The e.p was received a good respons from metal/crust maniacs,which is our debut e.p supposed to be release in a limited 300 copies only but we have to repressed it onother 200 more copies less than 6 month after the release date. The Missile Massacre e.p also received a good review from  RANDOM ZINE, BLACK SEEDS RECORDS, FAITHCRAFT PRODUCTION, ATTACK FANZINE, TERMINAL ESCAPE,SHORT, FAST AND LOUD, and NECROSCOPE ZINE. To promote the e.p we have played in a several gigs around K.L and doing a small southern tour from Singapore to J.B and luckily we have a great chance to share same stage with MINUS, DISTRUST, BLINDEDHUMANITY, PAZAHORA, BLOODSTONE, EXKORIATOR and BLACK TERROR (Singapore), SCUM SYSTEM KILL, REPOMAN (Australia), OBSESIF KOMPULSIF (Indonesia),OVERDOSE (China), WARBRINGER (US), NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR (DEN), and GOUM (JAPAN), JAH EXCREATION (JAPAN). We love to destroy the audience with an uncompromising, vicious, hard-hitting and relentless assault on stage. In end of 2010 we have entered a studio to record 5 songs for a split cd project with BLOODSTONE (Singapore) After a few month the split cd was released by BLOOD OF WAR RECORDS (Malaysia) . The label has doing a good job, great deal and strong distribution to promote the split CD. After released we have doing a small tour from KL, BATU PAHAT and JOHOR BAHRU to promote the CD. Once again our 2nd releases is not dissapointing our listeners even we got a little bit critics about the new direction of music and the drum sound. However the "Hellish Nuclear Destruction" split CD is made specially from us to you and to all SACRILEGE, SACRIFICE and SLAYER worshipper...... Fear the ThrasherCrustUnit untill armageddon.......... STOP THE WAR!!!

...the nightmare will be continue!