03 November 2010



ATOMICDEATH "Missile Massacre" cassette EP (Black Konflik Records)

"I've listened to these five tracks three times before typing a single word: this shit fucking rules! Malaysia metalcrust at it's absolute finest, ATOMICDEATH have recorded one of the best releases I've hear in fucking ages... take HELLSHOCK/AXEGRINDER approach to metalcrust, and then replace the vocals with the yowls of a true fucking hessian. Every song (there are four) is beyond epic, and I get more into this shit every time I hear it..."Bringer Of Thousand Fear" has a driving low end chug that will out crush any mosh metal band from Boston to Belgium - because these dudes are fucking punk as fuck and metal as shit and worship equally at the altars of CELTIC FROST and DISCHARGE. Best release in this whole fucking issue, and I don't give half a shit what the other reviewers were assigned, because THIS release is the best. Get it now, I don't care if they are from Malaysia, cry me a fucking river and figure it out you first world chump. Get this shit now"