31 May 2011



ATOMICDEATH / BLOOD STONE “Hellish Nuclear Destruction” (Blood Of War Records)

Arghhhh!!! The war is near! Endless destruction! Salve yourself before it’s too late. I feel regret while listening to this split CD because it’s reminding me that this world is no longer a safe place for us to live. No sight of blooming flowers, beautiful scenery or lovey-dovey moment when dealing with this piece of hell raising creation. Now I want to get myself a worn-out studded denim vest adorned with vintage thrash metal patches and running around a circle pit in hoping this world would be a better place ever again. Good thing about this split is it does succeed to convince me that we’re still in 1980s and Municipal Waste isn’t even existed yet. Hell no to the scene kids and scenester boys; who are they actually?! The sound production is crystal clear especially for the Atomicdeath part, however the Bloodstone part delivers a slightly muddy production but the edge of aggression is similarly the same. Both deliver 5 songs each in the vein of crust-tinged thrash metal mayhem. Lyrics deal mainly about war and destruction plus some personal agenda. The cover artwork is a top notch with its eye catching and neatness. This is absolutely for fans of Exodus, Destruction, Kreator, Vio-Lence, Slayer, Sodom, Coroner, Sadus, Nuclear Assault and all those 80s thrash metal bands worldwide. Do not disregard those metal/crust influences from Hellbastard, Sacrilege, Hellshock, Effigy, Guided Cradle, Martyrdod and After The Bombs too! A [war] release of the year, I must say. Yeargh!!!