01 January 2013


Malaysia's Atomic Death: 
Breaking the Wall Between Metal and Punk

Atomic Death was one of those bands that found The Scrapyard.  Being a sucker for global metal bands, I had to check them out.  It's awesome and upbeat and fun.  It reminds me of Municipal Waste and Midnight in a thrash meets crust kind of way.  New and old school thrash influences are evident.  Their split with Bloodstone could start a massive circle pit, so choose where you play it wisely.

Atomic Death live at Bangkok Thrash Fest

PG:  Hello!  What is Atomicdeath currently working on?
KK: Hi Lindsey! We have just finished recording one song for tribute to Silent Death (Malaysian death metal legend) compilation CD which will be released on this Sept/Oct. It will be released by Metal Zone Distro (Malaysia) and now we are working hard for our debut 7'' EP and split LP. It will be released maybe on mid-year 2013 or possibly earlier by different Malaysian metal labels. Two of our releases were released by punk labels; Missile Massacre cassette EP, released by Black Konflik in 2009. And last year we had a split CD with Singapore heavy/thrash metal, BLOODSTONE released by Blood of War.
PG:  Tell me a little bit about your experience in forming the band; was it difficult to find members in Malaysia?
KK: Well I think it's not a difficult thing to find a band members or forming a  band. The most difficult thing is to find band members that are really can give 100% commitment to the band and knowing the band goals. That's it. If everybody in the band respect each other, give full commitment, so the band will have a great flow.  I had stopped playing guitar/drum for 3 years after my previous band was RIP.  I wanted to stop playing in a band. But in 2008 Patto(my guitarist) came to me and say "hey Kerry let's make a band that can play in metal and punk gigs" I said "if we make a band please make a serious band until one day that we can make a Euro tour.  If we want to record a demo and split up I rather  staying at home, buy a records and enjoy listening it.”  After that we invited Faiz and Remydeen from DEMONICAL CRISIS ASSEMBLY (black metal) to join our hordes. All in ATOMICDEATH know each other for 15 years and more, staying in a same district, so it is easy to communicate and practice.  Everybody in ATOMICDEATH has same ambitions, so I can say that this is the band that will never end until Armageddon! \m/
PG: How was the Bangkok Thrash Festival you attended?  Are there other, similar festivals in Asia?
KK: Awesome experience, cannot be described with words! Maniacs in Bangkok are really friendly, and supportive. They know how to treat touring band. We didn't get a thousand dollars to play...but we got  valuable memories. I miss Bangkok....we will return!!!!!! In Asia, yes we have TRUE THRASH FEST in Japan, and KL THRASHED in Malaysia. Hopefully next time will have Manila Thrash Fest, Cambodia Thrash Assault, Kathmandu Thrash Maniacs, or maybe Bangladesh Thrashing Hellfest?  Maybe...:)
PG: What is your favorite Malaysian food?
KK: SATAY KAJANG!!!!!!!!! You should try when you come here, I’ll pay for it!!!!!! hahahaha......
PG: Obviously, Atomicdeath is inspired by thrash music- do you prefer the old school thrash (Exodus, Slayer, Death Angel, etc.) or new school thrash (Warbringer, etc)?
KK: Old school feeling with some modern touch!!!!! We play thrash metal with some crust touches.  We get influence from SACRILEGE( UK), SACRIFICE (CAN), HELLBASTARD, SLAYER. EXODUS, SANCTUM, EXTINCTION OF MANKIND...etc. we call it as thrasher crust!

At Bangkok Thrash Fest
PG:  What is an Atomicdeath live show like?  

KK: Anti-war superstar on stage! Making everyone headbang, spit, fists in the air, moshing and stage diving together!  It doesn’t matter if they’re punk or metal.  We are breaking the wall between punk and metal scene here in Malaysia. WE DID IT!

PG:  Do you have plans to do live shows?  Tours? New Material? 
KK: Yeah. We have 3 shows on this September: 2nd Sept in KL THRASHED FEST, and supporting ENSLAVE (Japan) for 2 show and 15th in JOHOR BAHRU and 16th in KL (Kuala Lumpur).  I think that is maybe the last show for us in this year because we want to concentrate on rehearsal and recording.  Of course next year we have a big plan on 2013, but we don't want to tell until the date is confirmed...always check our blogspot... atomiceathsquad.blogspot.com.
PG: What is the metal scene like in Malaysia?
KK: Lots of new bands came out today with same people playing in another band, haha, like us too... :)  Some of the bands are interesting like LAVATORY, THRASHIT,  KILLER CORPSE, etc. Most of younger people are not interested in underground, so you see the same faces in every gigs!  It's not the worst things I guess, at least we still have a few kids still interested.  The WORST thing is most of the Malaysian metal heads is some Nazi sympathy. Not all but most. They don't care if they share same stage with Nazi bands, hang out together with those guys that wearing swastika patches.  We ATOMICDEATH take it seriously.  We have cancelled our show in last minutes after realizing a Nazi band will play at that gig.  We don't care if no one in Malaysia’s metal scene loves us, at least we are not one of the Nazi bands. ALKOHOLIK METAL GEGEN NAZIS!!!!! You have been warned!!!!!!
PG: Alright, my time is up!  Thank you so much! Got any last words to leave us with?
KK: Alright Pitgoddess666, thanks for your hell-fernal support! It's been honor to be featured in the unholy web scripture of Scrapyard. Once again thanks and we really appreciated it.... good luck! To maniacs out there check our website athttp://atomicdeathsquad.com or email us directly at atomicdeathsquad@gmail.com. MAKE FRIENDS NOT FANS!!!!!