07 January 2013


Malaysian Thrash Metal/Crust Punk. Tell me that you’re quite aware and knowledgeable of this genre and I’ll tell you you’re full of shit. But let me put this out there, the Malaysian four-piece known as Atomicdeath are most definitely the forerunners, if not the creators of this genre- and have to be the only band belonging to it. Atomicdeath formed back in 2008. They’ve got two releases, an EP titled "Missile Massacre", and this split, "Hellish Nuclear Destruction". I received this split in the mail from the guitarist after contacting me on Facebook about a review, at first I was unsure as my knowledge and interest in thrash music, though it exists, is slim. The split showcases Atomicdeath and features Blood Stone who, though very good, can be discussed at another place and time.

Despite my original hesitations, within seconds I was drawn into this CD more than I could have ever imagined. This band is so energetic and fun, while casually reminding you that war and death is ever so near, so put on your combat boots and suit up. The songs hold a feeling of chaos, while still being very groovy and thrashy. The vocal style is harsh and raw, as it should be, and the band utilizes a lot of backing vocals to start up chants and emphasize their choruses. The guitar and bass are loud and fast, and the drums slay. To be honest, this is one hell of a split release that should get this band some serious attention.

"Forever Black Hell" has a strange, nearly out of character opening, as it’s very structured and melodic. It reminds me of later Kreator albums, which in my humble opinion, is a great thing. The groove in the opening riff is catchy and once the lead guitar comes in with a great little number, the song explodes into the general sound of the band – fast, chaotic, and heavy. This is a great preview to what this band is all about. Another notable track, "Headbangers Nuclear Slaughter", offers up some killer riffs, crushing bass, with pounding drums and harsh vocals to match, it’s definitely one of my favorites on the albums. I can just picture the circle pits this band could draw up, especially with such a loyal metal scene that they belong to in Malaysia.

All five tracks on the split are well produced but maintain an underdone tone to avoid that super polished sound that bands tend to overuse too much. The raw tone helps make for an enjoyable listen, while still being fast and hard hitting as hell. It definitely shouldn’t be passed up by any thrash metal fan or for those of you fully educated on the Malaysian Thrash Metal/Crust Punk scene. However if you’re so well versed in said scene, you know about these guys already I’m sure. It’s amazing to me how this band has managed to blend the crustiest of punk music with the hardest hitting thrash. These guys could easily make it big here in the United States, this is exactly what thrash fans want. They just need the right exposure to the right people. This band is the perfect soundtrack for war, destruction, chaos, and hate. Come the end of the world, when everyone around is fighting and dying, this will be my album of choice, and I can fight and die happily.